Wednesday, August 14, 2013

DIY Frenzy: Hardware Chevron Necklace

This necklace is 100% hardware!


  • Chain 
    • mine is Campbell 0724027 #16 steel single jack chain, 0.06" in diameter
    • it sells for about $0.52 at Lowes
    • I like to buy chain in bulk, it's cheaper than jewelry chain at craft chain stores (those sell about $0.60+, which isn't that big of a difference unless you're buying tons of chains at once)
  • Corner Braces
    • mine is Stanley, dimensions 2 1/2" X 1/2" 
    • it sells for about under $2 for a package of 4 at Lowes
  • Miscellaneous Pliers
    • I got these in a set from Home Depot, I think it was between $5-$10
Tutorial after the jump!
1) Measure from the middle of the back of your neck, and downwards to the point where you want the chevrons to start. Multiply this number by two and "cut" this length from your chain roll. 
Since it's actually really hard to "cut" this sort of heavy duty chain, it's easier just to pry open one of the chains, shown below.

2) Set up your corner braces. See how the bottom one has a little bit of writing? Make sure you flip your braces over so no writing is shown (the top three braces). I decided to go with three corner braces, since everything looks better in odd numbers.

3) Space the corner braces in a chevron pattern (shown below). Cut off a length of chain that equals the distance between the two holes on the edge of the brace (this, for me, was three jack chains)(you will need four of these). 

4) Insert one of the chains into the corner edge hole.

5) Squeeze close this chain link with pliers (see aerial-view picture for what I mean by "squeeze close"). Make sure that the chains hang directly downwards before squeezing into place, so that everything hangs properly.

6) Pry open the bottom of this chain, and attach it to the corner hole on the chevron below.

7) Again, squeeze this close.

8) Repeat steps 4-7 on the other side.

9) Repeat steps 4-8 for another chevron. Make sure to hold the chevron up so you can adjust how the chains and corner braces hang.

10) Finally, pry open the ends of the chain we measured in step one, and connect the to the top chevron.

And that's it! Super chic and edgy, I love it!


  1. I love the way you used the braces! i never would have thought of that. It would be really cool to paint each brace a different color with nail polish. It would be a totally different look! :)

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